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2018 According to HIMSS

Healthcare technology trends vary just as much as cultural trends.  The biggest areas of concerns are usually cyber-security, and advancements on how to make a physician’s life easier.

The background goal of healthcare is to provide good health, and good care to their patients, and with this in mind, HIMSS predicts that physician-patient involvement will be a major focus to those involved in the healthcare IT industry this year.

The start of every year promises a step forward in resolving ongoing issues that require efforts from different areas in order to become resolved. For example, applications are only as good as an install, and the install is as good as the team that performed the install. HIMSS predicts that there will be a greater unity in “clinical, analytics, and technical knowledge” to make these applications perform better for the physicians who use them.

The main points covered by HIMSS can be read in greater detail here but the expectation is that interoperability, Doctor to Person connectivity, diversity, artificial intelligence, and a focus on precision will be the major keys that will continue to emerge in talks amongst physicians, healthcare specialists, health system leadership teams.