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2019 Market Share: Ambulatory EHR Vendors

According to Definitive Healthcare data, a surprising 98% of hospitals in the U.S. use an EHR system.  In another survey by the CDC, this figure is put at 89%.  Either way, the two vendors that are dominating the market are: Epic Systems and Cerner.  Epic has a 33.4% market share and Cerner has 24.9%.  Together Epic and Cerner hold 58% of the market share.  All the other vendors only hold less than 11% penetration of this market space.  Here is the top 10 ambulatory EHR vendors by market share.

Top 10 Ambulatory EHR Vendors

  1. Epic
  2. Cerner
  3. Meditech
  4. Evident
  5. Allscripts
  6. Athenahealth
  7. eClinicalWorks
  8. Netsmart Technologies
  9. NextGen Healthcare
  10. Indian Health Service

To read more about which ambulatory hospitals are using Epic, Cerner or Meditech click here.

If you are in the market of choosing an EHR vendor for your hospital/facility.  Here are some tips when to ensure a successful EHR implementation:

  • Assess Your Hospital or Facility Needs
    • Each hospital and facility are different from their medical staff to their patients. Before assuming what your hospital needs, take time to understand the medical process and what will be of more use for your hospital or facility.
  • Choose a Flexible Platform That Can Adapt
    • Make sure the EHR platform that you choose works with your hospital or facilities workflow. Having multiple different EHR’s will lead to more complications as it creates complications when having to link so many together.  Look for an EHR system which should provide flexible APIs and bidirectional data integration for supporting interoperability.
  • Check Your Contract to Avoid Hidden Fees
    • Make sure you check what is available to you. Most vendors will allow you to have access to your medical data but not adequate access to it.  Avoid having to pay extra for something you shouldn’t have to be.  Check your contract carefully so that reporting and analysis will be no problem.
  • Make Sure Support is Available
    • The first couple of months of EHR implementation is crucial. Make sure your vendor is giving you high quality accessible support. They should be open and flexible to adjusting and updates to your implementation.

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