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5 Healthcare Technologies on the Rise

Global Healthcare IT is determined to keep up with changes in the healthcare industry in real time. Striving to do so, one important key is predicted growth for technologies on the rise in 2016.

Many hospitals are charging ahead with new IT acquisitions and growth in purchasing plans this year.

Matt Schuchardt, the HIMSS Analytics director of market intelligence solutions sales, is convinced that “tons and tons of activity” is in the forecast for the year ahead.

Below are 5 technologies poised for 200% increase in comparison to last year.

1. Clinical Data Warehousing/Mining – Predicted to be up by 500% Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is just the foundation for care improvement. Hospitals are beginning to understand that EMRs are not the end of the transformation, but the very beginning.

2. Nurse Staffing/Scheduling – Predicted to be up by 300% With the amount of doctors expected to decrease, there is significant growth in more specialized nursing.

3. Electronic Data Interchange/Clearinghouse – Predicted to be up by 200% It is expected that major EMR vendors will continue to excel in this area. If this is the case, opportunities to stay within EMR as opposed to being added to a third party mix will be provided.

4. In-House Transcription – Predicted to be up by 200%. The better clinical notes are transcribed, the more detail that is picked up; resulting in better billing.

5. Medical Necessity Checking Content – Predicted to be up by 200%. This is increasingly essential to pre-billing. Enabling providers to better know whether their services are reimbursable.