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Bottom 5 Epic and Cerner Average Incomes in the United States

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In our article last week, we covered the top 5 highest average income in the U.S. for Epic and Cerner Trainer.  This week we are going to cover the lowest 5 average incomes for the two roles.  These figures are an average of posted roles advertised across the nation over the past 12 months.

According to Ziprecruiter, here are the bottom 5 lowest average income states for Epic and Cerner Trainer roles:

  1. North Carolina
  2. Florida
  3. Arkansas
  4. Illinois
  5. Michigan

In North Carolina, an Epic Trainer averages around $80,161.00 and a Cerner trainer averages $55,012.00.  While the top highest earning state, New York, has an Epic trainer averaging at $111,329 and Cerner trainer averages $76,402.00. There is about 20-30k difference in between the two states. There are many factors that affect why there might be such a big difference: cost of living, higher/lower demand in a area or the need for specialized skills.

Interestingly, the lowest average incomes in the Epic / Cerner arena do not follow the 5 poorest states/ lowest average incomes across every State as posted by USA Today.  This has us asking: what is actually driving the average salaries across the US for Epic and Cerner candidates and does where you live make a difference?  Global Healthcare It, Inc. will research this further and publish the results in a later article.

As the demand for healthcare EHR grows, why not start your career in the field now?

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This article was created by Stephanie Sok, Business Researcher, Global Healthcare IT, Inc. with assistance from the following base line articles: For more on each please click on the link.

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