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Cerner Partners with Amazon Web Services for Cloud Services

2019 is Cerner’s 40th year anniversary and it is their year to create greater innovations.  Cerner will now be collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by using them as their preferred cloud provider.  Cerner knows that their consumers always want more and the best quality.  By working with AWS, Cerner will be able to move forward and help make healthcare more accessible while still being affordable.

Brent Shafer, Cerner Chairman and CEO states, “Our work with Amazon and AWS is a key component for the next chapter at Cerner. As we work to transform Cerner, we are joining forces with Amazon and AWS to help fuel our strategy of making Cerner more agile in order to deliver faster, more scalable and secure solutions to clients and patients.”

This partnership also hopes to improve clinical experiences, decrease burdens for healthcare organizations and accelerate the development of artificial intelligence (AI).  Cerner and AWS plans of working together is to move forward with AI and enable increased speed to market.   Cerner wants to accelerate their advances in health system interoperability and data portability.

Both companies are looking to quickly advance to the future of healthcare: AI.  Through their collaboration, Cerner and Amazon have already developed new machine learning capabilities for their clients.  The machine’s learning capabilities include: voice recognition and natural language processing technologies.

What do you think of Cerner’s new partnership? What new innovations or changes would you like to see from them?

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