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Cerner Releases New AI Tool to Help Physician Burnout

The stresses of regulatory requirements and EMR keeping can be great on the Physician community.  Many Physicians feel tired, angry and disempowered, so what can the healthcare IT world do to help fix this issue?

Jeffrey Wall, MD, Director and Physician Strategy Executive at Cerner says, “Our goal is to bring real change to the industry-wide challenge of physician burnout.”  In response to this problem Cerner has unveiled a new concept in the form of an AI tool: Chart Assist.  This advanced module has the potential to be a highly effective aid for Physicians.  It is designed to improve the clinicians experience and increase productivity.

The point of this tool is to reduce physician workload by focusing on user efficiency to identify gaps and inconsistencies with the patient record.  It will be able to help providers address patient care and validate diagnoses.  Utilizing this tool will likely produce more efficient results, which in turn, will have a positive impact on the physician’s personal wellness and the quality of care to the patients.  To find out more about this tool; it’s best practices; how to get assistance in effectively implementing/integrating the module; training Physicians in the effective use of Chart Assist please contact Global Healthcare IT’s resident Cerner Expert, Brett Walker at or 714-316-1512.

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