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EHR vendors Epic Systems, Cerner to add new employees

Author Name Kyle Murphy, PhD   |   Date July 14, 2014   |

Two of the leading companies in EHR and health IT vendors, Epic Systems and Cerner Corporation, continue their growth with sizeable additions to their employee numbers soon to come, according to multiple reports.

The Wisconsin State Journal is reportingthat Verona-based Epic is in the process of adding to its workforce. Although the private EHR company’s exact employee number are not known, an Epic spokesperson has recently told various media outlets that the figure has reached 7,400 following reports of 6,800 employees in February.
The head of the Wisconsin Technology Council views the “continued growth” of the company as a boon for Wisconsin.
“Epic’s continued growth is exciting for Wisconsin and the region. It attracts homegrown talent as well as people from well beyond our borders who bring a new dimension to the state and our economy,” Tom Still explained. “Health information technologies are redefining medicine and health care delivery in many ways, and Epic continues to play on the leading edge.”
According to Judy Newman, the number of Epic’s employees has grown from 4,200 employees in June 2011 to its present figure, nearly doubling in size and commensurate with billions of dollars in revenues generated during that same time.
A much larger increase in employment is expected at Cerner. In a Kansas City Business Journal exclusive, Rob Roberts is reporting that the Missouri-based EHR company has increased its estimates for jobs from 15,000 to 16,000 by the time its new campus is completed in 2025.
The updated figure comes as a result of a cost-benefit-analysis by Springsted Inc. in advance of a July 15 public hearing during which the Kansas City Tax Increment Financing Commission will review changes to the proposed plan at the Three Trails.
Earlier this year, details of Cerner’s expansion were revealed. The EHR company’s 4.5 million-square feet development would be the result of a $4.3-billion redevelopment plan slated to receive $1.63 billion tax incentive package. That package is contingent on the company meeting employment and other criteria over the next 33 years.
Part of that funding ($606 million) is to come from in state supplemental tax-increment financing while other funds will be made available through the Missouri Works training assistance program ($633 million) and the Missouri Development Finance Board’s Build program ($96 million).
The total cost of the project has increased to $4.45 billion ($2.32 billion in construction costs and $2.13 billion in carrying costs).
Another amendment includes the addition of a,000-square-foot conference/training center and building a stand-alone employee clinic in lieu of one housed in a previously proposed office building.
During 2013, Epic unveiled its own series of campus expansions in Wisconsin, opening both its Farm Campus and Deep Space auditorium. The projects totaled an estimated $578 million in construction at Epic’s Verona headquarters. And Judy New of the Wisconsin State Journal reported that efforts were already underway for the company’s four set of buildings.
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