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The EPIC Battle of Judy Faulkner Vs. Former VP Joe Biden

When it comes to security, and the right to ownership of your own data, we naturally feel inclined to wonder and question why our own information is not available to us.

This is the same inquiry that former Vice President, Joe Biden posed to EPIC’s CEO, Judy Faulkner.

Her answer appalled the Twitter community a few days ago and the responses have poured in, some in favor of her response, but mostly opposing it.

“Why do you want your medical records? There are a thousand pages of which you understand 10,” was her reply.

While responses on Twitter were heated and argumentative, sources of those who were present during the altercation have reassured it looked more intense than it actually was.

Having said that, the same sources present on the day of the exchange claim that Biden’s simple answer to Faulkner’s question was, “None of your business.”

A list of the original article and additional sources can be found by clicking here.