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Epic’s Annual EPIC April Fool’s Joke!

You can always count on Epic Systems to be ready for April 1st, April Fool’s Day!  If you head onto their website today, you will notice all sorts of amazing new “innovations” and news!

For instance, they have created an interactive patient module called “MyMom” which will be an addition to MyChart and it will endorse a healthy lifestyle along with a dose of love. Wouldn’t you love to receive mom like text message reminders such as “remember your sunscreen!” or “would it hurt for you to call now and then?”

Another Epic April Fool’s joke is that they are looking to hire Fortnite support and dev staff!  If you don’t know what Fortnite is, it is an online video game that was released in 2017 (made by EPIC games) and is a phenomenon in the cyber world.  Why wouldn’t they Epic Systems and EPIC games partner up?

Also, did you know Jim Cramer, an advocate for Apple to buy Epic Systems, has joined Epic as their financial advisor?  He created such a big stir last year that he had caught Epic’s attention to join their team.  Cramer already has a BIG list of acquisitions for Epic this year.

Lastly and my favorite, Epic pilots go-live service dogs!  Epic will be training service dogs to have a dual role as an ATE (at-the-elbow) emotional support and simple problem ticket resolution.  Healthcare has taken an adorable twist! Taylor Davis from Klas says, “Look, it doesn’t matter who you are – sometimes, go-live can be ruff. This training feels like a step in the right direction” and we couldn’t agree more.

Remember, today is April 1st and Epic System’s is just kidding about all of this! What would you have like to see as a real innovation?


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