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Epic’s One Virtual System Worldwide

Broken down, One Virtual System Worldwide has three main components, Come Together, Happy Together, and Working Together. Epic made their announcement in late January with the end goal of being able to access, view AND do more with the data entered.

Come Together is the platform that will bring all EHRs across the nation to utilize patient data to better provide care to Epic users wherever they go. Happy Together is expected to be utilized as a summary or synopsis of patient files, meant to help prevent opioid over-use and provide a better outline of what a patient’s care looks like. Finally, Working Together is expected to bring in provider-patient relationships closer by allowing the interoperability across health systems with scheduling, messaging, and data access.

One Virtual System Worldwide was designed to leverage Care Everywhere, and Epic’s MyChart patient portal has updated to include Happy Together to avoid creating different portals and logins for one patient.

Smaller sections that will be a part of the three main components include, “Images Everywhere,” “Book Anywhere,” “Message Anywhere,” “Search Everywhere,” and “Telehealth Everywhere.” More information on the Anywhere and Everywhere series can be found here.

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