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Google and Other Companies Respond to Trump’s Travel Ban

More than 180 Google employees are expected to face difficulty with the immigration ban that recently took place just days after President Trump’s entry into office.

As a result, Google has pledged and developed a crisis fund of up to $2 million that can be matched with up to $2 million in employee donations.

On a similar note, the Department of Defense is drawing up a list of Iraqis who have aided US forces in their country, and were pending approval to relocate their lives to the US.  They include Interpreters, Logistics, Drivers and many others who have put themselves in harm’s way, in order to help American troops on the ground. The DoD is seeking exemptions from the blanket embargo placed on Iraq as part of the ban.

Meanwhile, Amazon, Expedia, and Washington State University have united in a legal challenge set forth in opposition to Trump’s travel ban.

Amazon claims that they are currently employing 49 members directly affected by the orders executed.  One current employee has been advised by Amazon to cancel their upcoming trip back in their native country later on this month in order to avoid possible entry blocks back to the United States.

Beyond the tech, Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi will not be able to attend the Oscar ceremony even though his film (distributed by Amazon Studios) has been nominated for an Academy Award.

In all trade contract sectors, many holders of H1B visas are currently in a state of anxiety, as many depend on their jobs consulting here in the United States to provide for their families back home.  The devastating stories of consultants who have put their lives on hold as a result can be found here.

While some of the countries on the list have yet to be shown to have exported one terrorist to the US, Saudi Arabia laid claim to 15 of the 19 Terrorists involved in the September 11 attacks and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had two.  Neither of these two countries were affected by the ban.

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