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Interesting Read: 10 Examples of Recent Powerful Innovation in Healthcare by Blake Morgan

The growth of technology and healthcare is moving exponentially with amazing results.  These changes help improve the care of current and future patients.  While some may disagree and believe that technology is not improving our healthcare systems, here are the top 10 stories on how technology and innovation has improved healthcare.

  1. Pennsylvania Hospital Changes Traditional Design
    • The hospital is set to open in 2021 but it will be a different structure compared to the traditional hospital. Their goal is to make patient’s feel as if they are in a hotel rather than a hospital.  All of this improvement was made possible by brainstorming together with patients and staff.
  2. Boston Children’s Hospital Uses 3D Models To Shorten Surgeries
    • At Boston Children’s Hospital, they are using 3D models to allow surgeons to practice long and complex operations before operating on a patient. This will help decrease the time a patient is in surgery and the risks.
  3. Startup Uses Big Data To Treat Rare Diseases
    • Healthcare startup RDMD shows us the importance of using healthcare data to quickly find better treatments for patients. Challenges of creating new drugs and rare diseases is the lack of information but if we can AI to analyze data from medical records, it can pull up the commonalities in rare disease cases.
  4. University Of Chicago Medical Center Solves OR Bottlenecks With Predictive Analytics
    • By using predictive analytics, University of Chicago Medical Center, was able to decrease turnover by 20%. This actually helped increase communication and workflow throughout the operation room resulting in a savings of $600,000 a year.  Overall, this is a win in satisfaction for patients and staff.
  5. AI Robot Helps With Heart Treatments
    • Heartlander, a robot created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, can be used to navigate to particular parts of the heart. The robot will be able to stick to the organ and perform therapy.  Since heart surgery is already dangerous, the surgeon will only need to make a small incision and use this robot.
  1. Children’s Hospital Connects Newborns And Parents With NICU App
    • Researchers at the University of Chicago and the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago developed an app, PreeMe+You. This application is used to ease stress to parents and to provide updates by the care team.
  1. Seattle Children’s Uses Data For Better Diagnoses
    • By using big data analytics, Seattle Children’s was able to provide instantaneous and accurate treatment. This makes a huge difference because it would normally take a couple of days or weeks to diagnose a patient.  Since it is being pulled from multiple data, it is proven to be statistically more accurate.
  1. VR Helps Patients In Difficult Situations
    • VRHealth is doing a startup by providing patients with access to virtual reality. While the patient might be going through something stressful or painful, they are able to put on VR glasses to distract them to a better environment.  This will help with the post treatment and to also gather more data to improve care.
  1. Chatbot Provides 24/7 Personalized Health Advice
    • An AI chatbot, Chatbot Florence, is used to give answer and advice to patients when needed. Instead of waiting for your physician, you will be able to ask the chatbot a question and receive an answer right away.  Florence can also remind patients to take medication and to track their health.
  1. Cloud-Based Systems Streamline Data Access
    • Cloud-based systems, such as CloudCare, allows healthcare systems to keep charts and systems all in one place. They will be able to combine patient data into a single system which will allow it to be accessed at anytime and anywhere.


What other big innovations have you noticed for 2019?

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