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Interesting Read: Why IT’s future will include fewer workers, more data analysts by David Weldon for HDM

There will always be a future in the IT industry.  It is constantly evolving, updating, and reinventing itself for the greater good of those who need it.

The past 20-30 years have been a rapid flow of “caveman to modern day” evolution with developments in all things technology.

So where do we go from here?  Well, there is still work to be done, even with a good foundation of data and informatics in place, we now need to think ahead.  Hospitals for example, are currently experiencing the future occur right before their eyes.  According to a recent article by David Weldon for Health Data Management, “Many organizations say they lack sufficient skills on staff in the areas of analytics and data management.”

The main points explained by Weldon are the following:

  • Numbers in staff will be reduced; this is due to automation, cloud services, and external services that are better equipped to handle the developmental tasks.
  • Roles will gain additional responsibilities and greater capacity in additional departments; due to the expected staff reduction, roles that will be handled on-site will require a greater scope of knowledge in the field.  Candidates for these jobs will be expected to understand the role of what would have been an entire team, as well as business and communication knowledge to form part of a greater team.

These transitions in IT have begun to occur.  With the developments taking place, it is expected that those who wish to stay current with trends and technologies will be making trips back to school.  If you would like to read more on this great article by Weldon, click here.

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