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Interesting Read: Son Donates Part of Liver to Mom Before Mother’s Day

In Murray, Utah, a mother, Gwen Finlayson, who had been suffering with autoimmune hepatitis for 27 years receives a part of a liver donated from her son, Brandon Finlayson.  This has been a successful operation with the help of 3D technology.

Surgeons at Intermountain Healthcare were able to use 3D technology to practice the surgery prior to the actual operation.  This is highly important since it improved the likelihood of a safer operation, with a better outcome for the patient.  Dr. Manuel Rodriguez-Davalos states, “”Normally, we take the right lobe and take about 60 percent of the healthy liver from the donor to give to the recipient.  That said, with the use of current 3-D imaging and 3-D printing technology we can perform precision liver surgery and obtain a left lobe graft which gives safer and faster recovery for the donor with equal or improved outcomes for Mom.”  Since the surgeons only had to obtain the left lobe from the son both the mother and son will livers will regenerate and still grow to 90% of its normal size within months.

The mother is now hepatitis free and received one of the best Mother’s Day gift a mom can ask for.

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