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Microsoft Launches More Advanced Healthcare Systems

If you are going to HIMSS19, you can look forward to seeing and hearing about the amazing innovations Microsoft has recently put out.

Here are the three innovations to look out for:

  1. Microsoft 365 for Hospitals
    • A secure HIPAA compliant application that allows physicians, nurses and other medical staff to communicate.
    • This will allow the users to create urgent alerts to other health professionals and set off an alert every two minutes until there is a response.
  2. Azure API for Health Record Sharing
    • One of the main concerns in the Health IT world is: interoperability.
    • Microsoft has come up with a tool which to help health systems seamlessly interface an increasing number of applications and allow sharing of this data in to the cloud.
  3. Microsoft Healthcare Bot
    • The bot will be able to check patient symptoms and be able to understand medical terminology.
    • These bots will be able to connect to EHR systems.
    • Patients will be able to interact with the bot and have health related questions answered.

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