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Moving “Forward” with Artificial Intelligence and Doctors

movingforwardwithaianddoctorsSilicon Valley’s Adrian Aoun took part in the creative planning, development, and opening in the first clinic of its kind: Forward.

Still deemed a startup, this unique clinic in San Francisco is currently a members-only facility that combines Artificial Intelligence with patient data.  The clinic is equipped with six unique examination rooms and managed by some of the best doctors that the Bay Area has to offer.

The idea is that for $149 a month, patients are given wearable sensors that they can check in on during their visits, as well as check on their mobile device around the clock at the patient’s convenience.  Monitoring of current conditions as well as preventative care is the goal here.

San Francisco doctor's office is powered by sensors and AI

A greater part of the nurses and physicians serving Forward come from free clinics – including Planned Parenthood.

For the time being, Forward offers limited services, this means that insurance to cover more traditional testing and diagnosing is still required of current members – however, they do offer assistance in helping patients that do require outside-help in locating the most cost-effective services that their insurance will cover.

Aoun’s big picture is to eventually integrate all healthcare services into Forward – much like Apple products have done for their customers.  After one of Aoun’s close relatives suffered a heart attack and after seeing the struggle of physicians attempting to gather records from different sources, he decided that a new, updated approach needed to take place in order to move “Forward.”


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