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How is the new Epic NVT & Booster Training Program Working Out?

Late last year, we updated you on the release of Epic’s ongoing New Version Training program (NVTs) and their newly introduced, Booster Training Program for advanced level consultants and Epic specialists.  (The original post can be found here.)

Since then, the NVT program has gone live, with actual consultants taking courses and tests from the new 2017 NVTs.  Booster Training goes live in July 2017, so there is no new advice to share on that program.

We wanted to know: What is the overall feedback on Epic’s NVT program?

Global Healthcare IT conducted a survey in May 2017 of all its Epic specific social media groups.  The groups are comprised of existing Epic Certified Consultants, Builders, Analysts, Project Managers, Directors, Specialists, and End Users.  As a result of this, various group members came back to us with direct and honest answers and great feedback based on their personal experience.

Here is a sample of the feedback we received.  By enlarge, it explains the pros, cons, and discusses the overall content of the courses.  It also includes a couple of interesting insights:

  • The technical content and course information in each instance was felt to be detailed, relevant, and accurate.
  • Overall people scored the NVTs they took as good to great.
  • Most Consultants found to be beneficial on keeping a person up to date with recent changes to each module, and that it gave an insight on upcoming changes.
  • The primary goal of the NVT’s was achieved in so far as the training did very well at getting people up to speed on the latest version.
  • Most people found that they learned several areas in each module where they came across new functionality, and that they wouldn’t have known this other than through a deep dive brought about by the NVT course material.
  • Epic’s Training Department was sighted for the slow response to arranging tests and projects.  With several candidates mentioning they had to wait months for test dates.
  • One user with over 5 certifications explained that despite the upkeep of so many certifications, the NVT program was an excellent idea as it prompted the Specialist to go back through training manuals for the newer version.
  • It was pointed out the initially the Proctor arrangement was free for a limited time.  This is no longer available without paying a fee.
  • Exams are $25 each for a total two hour window.
  • Some proctors on the first exam require the person being tested to show of every side of every page under review for the exam.
  • Complaints were also noted on the time spent waiting for Proctor’s to engage.  This varied from 15 minutes to 50 minutes hanging around.
  • Similarly people also experienced delays in shifting from one Proctor to another.
  • The time need to take the NVT exam was deemed to be perfectly sufficient, with most attendees recording that they finished the test with plenty of time to spare.
  • One student mentioned that the Proctor made the individual rotate their camera around the room they were in to see each wall.  Presumably, to check if the student had covered the wall in bullet points, advice or cheat codes.
  • Exams typically last less than an hour once the Proctor is on.
  • Proctors are able to hear and monitor the User taking the test; but the User cannot hear the Proctors.


  1. The NVT Program seems to be working well, with a couple of minor hiccups in delays to testing and smooth running of the proctored portion.
  2. If your certifications are on the verge of going from valid to inactive, do not wait.  The delays in gaining a testing time could cost you.
  3. Endeavor to give yourself plenty of time to set up the tests.  (At least a few months.)

We will update this article as more feedback comes in and again in October once the Booster Training program has been active for a few months.

If you have any questions or additional info to add to the list, please contact Mike Williams at