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New Year, New Contract! What is Your Resolution?

Happy 2018! With the start of the New Year, many people are looking for the next, or thinking about their first contract role.

Global Healthcare IT, Inc. has 84% more open contract roles than this time last year.  Starting off the year on the right foot is tremendously important.   GHIT can help you achieve that with excellent opportunities, long contracts, and interesting job roles, all supported by a first-class operations team.  We have dozens of open roles in both the Epic and Cerner markets.  If you have any interest in finding your next, or possibly your first contract role, please contact us at with your updated resume.

For a more precise match on contract or FTE roles, feel free to access our jobs page here.

What About Your Resolutions?

Statistics show that about 43% of Americans make resolutions every year. Sadly, about 8% achieve their goals.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals:

  • Keep it Simple
    The best way to start crossing off items on your list is to start with small items. Extreme goals are great, but you have to be able to consider the details in the big picture.  If you break down your big ticket item into smaller portions, you will realize that it takes smaller resolutions in order for this big thing to happen.
  • Make Your Resolutions Tangible
    Common resolutions include eating healthier, getting more exercise, saving money, focus on self-care, reading more, making new friends, learning a new skill, and taking up a hobby.  While these are all great aspirations – it is easy to lose focus of these if you do not have a starting plan that you can physically see. Make your resolutions tangible.
    For example, if your resolution was to eat healthier, consider changing your resolution to, “Eat one bag of chips per week, replace one meal with a salad twice a week,” so that you know what steps you currently need to take in order to eat healthier.
  • Make it Obvious
    The ability to openly talk about your greater resolutions to those around you, both publicly and on social media gives you greater accountability for your goals.  Besides accountability, studies show that announcing your goal actually allows those around you to be supportive of your goals.  In 2014, Forbes reported that a woman publicly announced that she had decided to finally stop adding to her debt and start paying it off.  Her debt of nearly $24k was announced on her Facebook profile, and it gave her the ongoing motivation she needed to stop the spending habits. It also helped her in giving people a widely-known excuse as to why she could no longer partake in certain events.
  • Lastly, Keep Believing You Can Do It
    One of the reasons many people stopped making resolutions altogether is the demotivating fact that the resolutions were abandoned by the end of January, and nearly all resolutions were forgotten by the middle of the year.
    It is important to continue to believe in yourself. Know that you can do it and take baby steps the entire way. Sometimes, a roadblock early on is enough to take away on that willpower, which is why simplifying your list will prove more useful than a big picture goal.