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Think Healthcare Options First and THEN the ER

It is not news that visits to the emergency room (ER) are notorious for slapping incredibly high bills on patients after their departure. According to the New York Times, knowing about options and the difference of these can make all the difference in cost.

Nowadays, both demand and technological advancements have made healthcare accessible to nearly all consumers in need of immediate care. The rule of thumb, according to the New York Times, starts with common sense. Have you felt your symptoms before? Are the symptoms sudden, or have they been ongoing? Is your primary care physician available?  A brief analysis of your own symptoms can help you determine whether the situations is an Emergency Room situation, or if  local, virtual, or urgent care is available.

The typical costs for services are as follows:

  • Physician call: $0-$60
  • Virtual Care or Telehealth: $40-$120
  • Retail Clinic: $100-$150
  • Urgent Care: $150+
  • Emergency Room $600+

It is important that in a real emergency you do not hesitate.  Saving $250-$500 is of no value, if you lose your life.  Similarly, always make sure that your Physicians phone number is logged in your mobile device, and you know where there is a reliable Urgent Care facility local to where you live.

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New York Times – How to (Maybe) Avoid Sticker Shock at the Emergency Room