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Trump’s Healthcare Plan Goes Silent

Reality finally set in with the admission of Donald Trump on February 27, 2017 that “Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.”  His assertion that “nobody knew” about the on-going complexities associated with the provision of the nation’s healthcare services does no credit to the huge number of experts, administrators, executives, insurers, and professionals in this field.  The general consensus amongst real healthcare experts was that everyone knew that this problem was not solvable with a simple “one size fits all” approach.

Subsequently, the new administration has gone very quiet on the topic of repeal, or to coin their new term “repair” of the ACA.  This should be taken as a positively good sign.   It now seems that, far from making wild promises, the Republicans are settling down to the nitty gritty of coming up with a genuinely well thought out plan.  Such a change improves the likelihood that large swathes of the population could keep their access to healthcare, and potentially, this could be better than the previous plan.

Alterations to the existing system are inevitable.  However, the more time spent analyzing the current program, comparing and contrasting this with possible upgrades, or replacements improves the probability that the American people will win.   It bodes well that this subject is finally being taken seriously and that real change to this vastly complex issue will require the attention of some of America’s most brilliant minds.

The nation waits with bated breath as to the next moves in this saga.  Only time will tell.

Written by Michael Williams, CEO at Global Healthcare IT, Inc.  A healthcare IT consulting firm providing access to the best healthcare IT and medical coding talent.  Michael can be reached at