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Using the Cloud to Improve EMR Security

A recent post by Health Data Management’s Paul Caracciolo detailed why certain sites are targeted and what the consequences can be if the data is compromised.

The reason being, he explained, is the lack of focus on security.  It sounds like the obvious reason, but it goes beyond that.  There is planning and execution that goes into security; it is not a one time installment, it involves ongoing updates, upgrades, and constant surveillance.  Physical data centers, while useful at one point, are becoming the objective of ransomware attackers.

Cloud services offer greater safety and less risk when it comes to attacks like these.  Why? Besides storing data, keeping it safe is one of the priorities for these providers.  Suppliers of cloud storage continuously look for new ways to continue to protect data and fix areas susceptible to attacks.

The list of why cloud services is the next big step in proper EMR and EHR practices is extensive.  It should be where hospitals – especially mid-sized hospitals and healthcare systems prone to ransomware attacks – are turning to in an effort to prevent these occurrences from happening time and time again.

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