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Weird Read: Biology Student Caught Posing as Medical Student

Freshmen student, Vanessa Loznik raised suspicions to would-be fellow staff early Thursday morning while working a shift at the Denver Health facility.  The staff member (who is a provider at the facility) noted a question asked by the fake medical student as unusual for the level of knowledge expected of someone training to join the medical profession.  It is known that Loznik interacted and attended treatment of at least one patient; however, no damages have been reported as a result of the incident.

Vanessa Loznik, a freshmen at University of Colorado Denver is studying biology and has no related courses to that of a medical student.

Enough evidence was gathered from the student’s social media handles such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in which she published various incriminating posts regarding her fraudulent activity posing in scrubs, and even stating on her Facebook profile that she was, in fact, a Research Scientist at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

Loznik’s father believes that the student gained access to the hospital due to the fact that she had been volunteering at the hospital for the past three months and was exposed to certain medical procedures.  It is believed that Vanessa may have seen this as an opportunity to gain hands-on experience, as her father also pointed out that she was aspiring to eventually become a surgeon.

CU Denver has been cooperating with authorities in the inquiry, and in the meantime, Loznik has been banned from Denver Health.  An investigation is taking place in which the Denver police, and the Denver District Attorney’s Office intends on pursuing legal action.

As a result, Denver Health is now restructuring their security measures – instructing all safekeepers on site to not allow any apparent staff in without a correct badge.  All student badges have been currently suspended and will be validated once the student’s identity have been validated.

Article written by Bettsy Farias.  Bettsy can be reached at


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