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Why Make Your Next Career Move Epic (Systems)?

Some of you are probably wondering what is my next move in healthcare IT?  Would it be worth investigating a career move into Epic Systems? Epic is the current market leader in large scale Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) sales with approximately 70% of new software sales.  The simple answer to this is….YES.

Recent analysis of the EHR/EMR markets in the US suggest that over the next 3-5 years as much as 20% of the entire hospital IT systems marketplace is expected to convert from their current EHR/EMR to, predominantly, Epic, and in second place, Cerner.  Additionally, new entrant EHR users are expected to increase.  These are more specialized entities, such as: larger dental practices; pharmacies; dialysis companies; and laboratory testing companies.  Those organizations are also anticipated to implement Epic in the same proportion that hospitals have.

While domestic demand is expected to remain buoyant, international opportunities are expected to increase.  Unfortunately, no specific data was available on international demand, other than Epic trailing Cerner.  However, as with the US market Epic is expected to eventually catch up.

So, if you are focused on the Epic market, is it worth getting certified in Epic? How much more money would I make if I was certified?

From a purely full-time employee stand point these are the top 5 paying Epic careers:

  • Epic Application Coordinator – $112,000
  • Epic Project Manager – $102,000
  • Epic Analyst – $97,000
  • Epic Report Writer – $87,000
  • Epic Trainer – $85,000

Source: Epic Salaries

Compared to non-Epic healthcare IT careers:

  • Clinical Coordinator – $48,622.00
  • Project Manager Healthcare – $75,474
  • Healthcare Analyst – $72,755
  • Data Analyst/Report Writer – $67,377
  • Healthcare Technology Trainer Salaries – $58,758

Source: Glassdoor

These top 5 Epic careers have an average of $96,600 and non-Epic careers have an average of $64,597.  On average, there is a difference of $32,000 in salary between an Epic certified career and non-Epic.  That is a huge gap of income that you are potentially missing out on.  Something worth mentioning is that the difference in income more than triples for contract Epic Consultants compared to non-Epic FTE’s.

Now you must be wondering: How can I become Epic trained and certified?

This is, by any stretch imagination, not necessarily an easy feat to accomplish.  One way would be to head over to our article here to find out how you could become trained/ certified and if it is worth it.  Or alternatively, call or email us directly to discuss exactly how do you enter to Epic Systems market. or 562-508-4040.

As you may already know, Epic Systems is the top large system EHR vendor in the market with a 70% share of new sales.  Why not join in on this established growth area!

This article was created by Stephanie Sok, Business Researcher, Global Healthcare IT, Inc. with assistance from Michael Williams, CEO, Global Healthcare IT, Inc. and the following base line articles: For more on each please click on the link.

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