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2020 Best in KLAS for Top Overall Software Suite: Epic Systems

There is no surprise that Epic Systems, once again, won Best in KLAS for Top Overall Software Suite for Electronic Health Records (EHR / EMR).  Epic has continually dominated as the top software for the past 10 years!  Epic continues to prove its worth by also winning eight other Best in KLAS awards.  The title of Best in KLAS is a recognition of the vendors outstanding efforts to help create a software that truly enables healthcare professionals to deliver better patient care.  At the same time, the program helps Doctors/Nurses record their activities and assists in generating the data that can drive real efficiencies in managed care environments and overall population health management.

Here is the other Best in KLAS awards Epic System was awarded:

  1. Epic EpicCare Inpatient EMR (Large Hospital)
  2. Epic EpicCare Ambulatory EMR (11-75 physicians)
  3. Epic EpicCare Ambulatory EMR (over 75 physicians)
  4. Epic (Application Hosting)
  5. Epic Resolute Hospital Billing (Patient Accounting & Patient Management (Large Hospital)
  6. Epic MyChart (patient portals)
  7. Epic Resolute/Prelude/Cadence Ambulatory (Practice Management (over 75 Physicians))
  8. Epic (Overall Physician Practice)

For a further list of who was awarded what for “Best in KLAS” Software & Services 2020, please click here.

If you feel that your organization should entertain implementing Epic as its’ primary EMR/EHR consider contacting Global Healthcare IT, Inc.  We have successfully customized, implemented, trained, rolled-out and maintained Epic for over 18 years.  This is one of the longest, most successful track records in the USA.  Our depth of knowledge in delivering Epic to our clients’ complete satisfaction is one of the best in the industry, (98.3% client satisfaction rating). For more information or simply to discuss your options, please contact Michael Williams at to set up an initial appointment.

This article was created by Stephanie Sok, Business Researcher, Global Healthcare IT, Inc. with assistance from the following base line articles: For more on each please click on the link.


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