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Meet the Team!

Every few months, Global Healthcare IT provides opportunities for our internal staff to participate in team building events.  The concepts we focus on are “the stronger the individual bonds, the better the team” and “work hard, so we can play hard”.

This past quarter’s initiative brought a total of 17 of Global Healthcare IT’s finest team players to join a company training exercise in San Francisco, California.

Among the attendees was Global Healthcare IT’s CEO, Mike Williams, Director of Operations, Erica Kanda, Director of Business Development, Nash Castle, and Director of Resourcing, Jack Lanni.

Joining the executive group in SF were a wide variety of staff from each department.  All those present where there due to each individuals’ consistently excellent performance.  While teams are separated by department, the picture presented will not show the casual viewer these divisions – at Global HIT, we work as a team, and strive towards mutual goals as a cohesive unit.  Whilst our staff may each have separate functions, at Global HIT, we really do depend on each other to provide a complete package to our client hospitals, our Consultants, and future prospective candidates / clients.

For more information on who we are, and what we do, please visit and explore our website.

Global Healthcare IT delivers rapid access to exceptional healthcare IT consulting services and staffing solutions across the USA and the world.

From top left to bottom left: Brett Walker, Justin Green, Maria Vargas, Darren Ishibashi, Mike Williams, Seth Hill, Justin Dadural, and Nash Castle.

From top right to bottom right: Reyes Robles, Jack Lanni, Tiffany Coulter, Sarah Fuller, Tracey Brown, Erica Kanda, Sarah Hyman, Tiffany Spinosa, and John Hebert.