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Don’t Let Top Talent Slip Away: Tips for Retaining Employees

As CEO of a small business, there are few things that sting more than the loss of a valued staff member. You’ve put in hours of time, energy, and other resources to build them up to the great team member they’ve become all for them to move on to another pasture. You wish them the best and know they are leaving for what they think will be a better professional path but it’s hard not to take it personally.  There are tangible revenue and productivity consequences and possibly more critical intangible morale and culture consequences. It’s impossible to keep all your good employees forever but we can sure try! Let’s explore how.

Appreciate your employees!

One of the best ways to reduce turnover and ensure employee retention is by showing appreciation. We’re not just talking about a simple “thank you” every now and then.

One way to do this is through social activities. Host events outside of work hours where everyone can kick back and have a good time together. Whether it’s a happy hour or team-building outing, these types of activities can foster a sense of camaraderie and help your employees feel like they’re part of something special.

Another way to show your appreciation is through incentive trips. Consider offering a yearly trip for the top performers in your company. This could be a weekend getaway or a more extravagant excursion, but the point is to offer an exciting reward for your best employees.

Employee of the month is also a great way to recognize hard work and dedication. Make sure to highlight what each employee did to earn recognition and let them bask in the glow of appreciation from their peers.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter. Take the time to recognize when employees go above and beyond their job duties. Maybe someone stayed late to finish a project or came in early to help with a big meeting. Acknowledge these efforts and show your appreciation.

Lastly, give your employees a voice. Let them know their opinions carry weight and that they’re not just a number to you. Regularly solicit feedback and make changes based on their input. It will go a long way towards building a culture of trust and appreciation.

So, show your IT staff some love and watch as employee retention improves.


Offer opportunities for growth!

One of the ways to retain top talent is by offering opportunities for growth within your organization. Most employees desire to learn new skills, develop their existing abilities, and take on new challenges. By providing them with opportunities for growth, you show your employees that you are invested in their success and development.

Growth opportunities can take many forms, depending on your business. You may want to consider offering training programs, mentorship opportunities, or career development plans. These initiatives will not only benefit your employees but will also improve your business by keeping your team knowledgeable and skilled in their fields.

One example of how growth opportunities can improve employee retention is with IT staff. With the rapid advancements in technology, it is important for IT professionals to continually learn and expand their skill set. By offering training programs and development plans, your IT staff will feel valued, challenged, and supported. This, in turn, will decrease the turnover rate and increase employee retention within your organization.

Remember, growth opportunities are not just for high-level employees. Every staff member should be given the chance to develop their skills and advance their careers. By investing in your employees’ growth, you demonstrate your commitment to their success and create a more loyal and engaged team.


Promote a healthy work/life balance!

It’s no secret that employees who experience high levels of stress or dissatisfaction with their work/life balance are more likely to leave their jobs. In fact, turnover is a major concern for many companies, especially those with highly skilled or specialized employees. One way to combat this issue is by promoting a healthy work/life balance for your staff.

So what exactly does this entail? Firstly, it’s important to recognize that every employee has different needs and priorities when it comes to their personal and professional lives. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to promoting a healthy work/life balance. However, there are a few key strategies that you can implement to ensure that your employees feel supported and valued both inside and outside of the workplace.

One approach is to offer flexible working arrangements. This might mean allowing employees to work from home on occasion, adjusting their schedules to accommodate personal commitments, or providing options for job sharing or part-time work. This can help to reduce the stress of juggling multiple responsibilities and can also demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ overall wellbeing.

Another strategy is to encourage healthy habits in the workplace. This might involve providing healthy snacks or lunches, offering access to fitness classes or gym memberships, or implementing policies around taking regular breaks or walking meetings. By promoting physical and mental health in the workplace, you can help your employees to feel energized and engaged, which can lead to improved productivity and job satisfaction.

Finally, it’s important to foster a workplace culture that values work/life balance. This means setting realistic expectations around working hours and deadlines, respecting employees’ personal time and boundaries, and recognizing the importance of taking breaks and vacations. By modeling a healthy work/life balance yourself and encouraging others to do the same, you can create a supportive and positive workplace culture that prioritizes employee wellbeing.

In summary, promoting a healthy work/life balance is an important strategy for retaining top talent and reducing turnover. By offering flexible working arrangements, encouraging healthy habits, and fostering a supportive workplace culture, you can create an environment that values and supports your employees both inside and outside of the office. Of course, promoting a healthy work/life balance is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to retaining good employees. However, it is an essential component of any retention strategy, and can have a significant impact on employee satisfaction and engagement.

By implementing the strategies outlined above, you can demonstrate to your staff that you care about their wellbeing and are committed to supporting them in both their personal and professional lives. This can help to build trust and loyalty and can make your company a more attractive and fulfilling place to work.

Remember, retaining good employees is not just a matter of offering competitive salaries or benefits (although these are certainly important). It’s also about creating an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to do their best work. By promoting a healthy work/life balance, you can take an important step towards achieving this goal.


Communicate effectively!

Another big factor in retaining employees is communication. It’s important for managers to establish clear channels of communication with their employees to ensure they are heard and understood. Here are some tips on how to communicate effectively with your employees:

  1. Be clear and concise: Make sure your message is clear and easy to understand. Use simple language and avoid using jargon or technical terms that may confuse your employees.
  2. Listen actively: Pay attention to your employees when they are speaking. Ask questions and make sure you fully understand what they are saying before responding.
  3. Provide regular feedback: Employees want to know how they are doing and where they stand. Provide regular feedback on their performance, both positive and constructive, to help them grow and improve.
  4. Use multiple communication channels: Not all employees communicate in the same way. Use different channels such as email, phone calls, or in-person meetings to ensure everyone is included and informed.
  5. Create an open-door policy: Encourage employees to approach you with any concerns or questions they may have. Be available and approachable to build trust and strengthen your relationship with your employees.

By effectively communicating with your employees, you can create a positive work environment and reduce turnover. When employees feel heard, valued, and understood, they are more likely to stay with your organization and contribute to its success.


Encourage feedback!

Last but not least, another way to retain your top talent is by encouraging feedback from your employees. This involves creating an environment where your team members feel comfortable expressing their opinions and ideas, without fear of retribution or negative consequences.

To encourage feedback, it’s important to actively listen to your employees, taking their suggestions seriously and following up on any issues they raise. You can also implement anonymous feedback channels, such as suggestion boxes or online surveys, to allow employees to share their thoughts in a more private setting.

When you receive feedback, it’s crucial to respond promptly and respectfully, even if you disagree with the feedback or find it difficult to hear. Take the time to explain your position and show that you value your employees’ input, even if you ultimately decide to take a different course of action.

In addition to encouraging feedback from your employees, it’s important to act on the feedback you receive. If your employees see that their suggestions are being taken seriously and that changes are being made as a result, they’re more likely to feel valued and engaged in their work.

Ultimately, encouraging feedback can be a powerful tool for retaining top talent. By creating a culture of openness and transparency, you can foster strong relationships with your employees and build a more successful business in the long run.


If you do experience turnover of any sort, Global IT Resources, Inc. would love the opportunity to be a resource to help you find that next valued member of staff. Contact us at


Nash Castle

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