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I had an itch I needed scratched with Amazon, but all I knew was Healthcare IT – by Ryan Prosio at Global Healthcare IT

With Amazon in my backyard – literally changing the landscape of my city – I felt I needed to explore what was happening here.

It’s no question, the innovation is at a level unmatched by most, if any. The scale and impact are unprecedented. The talent and pure intelligence of their IT staff is beyond humbling. From a recruiting perspective, the transaction of interviews, rejections, offers and new hires starting per week is unbelievable. The amount of data gathered to make data driven decisions seemed at times impossible to comprehend. It’s a constant hemorrhaging of people, innovation, products and services and a quest to instantly satisfy our appetite to consume pretty much anything we desire!

But to me personally, how meaningful was it all? I know those working in Healthcare IT have a passion for Bettering Patient Care, and ultimately are in the industry for this main purpose. Providing Quality Care through technology is the product being consumed. This is indeed meaningful and I’m extremely optimistic about the future of Health IT for this very purpose.

After 2 years away, I am so pleased to announce my return to the world of Healthcare IT. And more, I am back with the same family owned, nimble boutique, and Epic specialized company I called my home away from home for so long, Global Healthcare IT (Formerly Global IT Resources).

Many of you, I’ve worked with since 2008, when I entered the world of Epic staffing solutions. Some of you are holding strong in the same critical role, only with new scope and the same high impact. Some are now in C-Level/Executive and Leadership roles, and/or still living the Road Warrior lifestyle. Some of you have gotten off the road of consulting and taken Permanent roles or even retired, and some of you are just starting your careers. I’m looking forward to re-establishing myself in this very special community and re-earning your trust as the Epic Staffing Solution Specialist you went to, and now go to again, when you find yourself looking for that next great candidate, meaningful assignment or long-term career opportunity.

We have a number of Epic Certified Build Analyst roles open (Contract, C2H and Permanent), as well as some specific Leadership opportunities. The number of talented Epic Certified Professionals we are continuously working with and are able to reach is not to be underestimated – After all, Global Healthcare IT established one of the largest Epic Certified databases years ago, before many of the current brand name firms even existed.

My updated contact details are below for your records. Please allow me the meaningful opportunity to earn your trust and business once again.

Ryan Prosio

Sr. Healthcare IT Staffing & Solutions Specialist (Epic)

Global Healthcare IT