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Why is the relationship between a Recruiter and Candidate so important?

For both Recruiters and Consultants, there is nothing more frustrating than to connect a Consultant with the wrong opportunity.  This is typically a costly mistake where it wastes the time of all parties involved (clients, consultants, and recruiters).  This is also a very easy way to damage the relationship that is being built between the Recruiter and the Consultant; not to mention the Recruiter and Client.

These mistakes can often be avoided with the development of the relationship, and the creation of trust between the recruiters and their candidates.  Once good relationships are built, they can often lead to a clearer line of communication between the two parties. That in itself, can result in a better understanding of what skills the candidate has, and what the candidate ultimately wants in their next assignment.  This also helps the Recruiter match each candidate to the best opportunities available.

With a clear line of communication, both parties should always be honest with one another.  So recruiters should always keep the candidate in the loop on any feedback that comes in, and candidates should always let the recruiter know upfront how interested they are with any job being discussed or if their circumstances have changes (eg, they received an extension, or took another role).  In the long term, we should remember that to maintain the recruiter/candidate relationship, trust between both individuals is vital.

Finally, when a great relationship is firmly established, the recruiter will be able to present your skills to the Project Managers and separate you from the crowd by discussing the intangibles that are not on the resume.  This invariably leads to more interviews, more job offers, better jobs, and higher pay, with less downtime between projects.  Great relationships build mutually beneficial successes for everyone.

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