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What is the Key to High EHR Satisfaction?

KLAS surveyed over 30,000 physicians from 33 different specialties for EHR satisfaction.  In that survey, it revealed that physician satisfaction with their EHR is high.  Why are physicians more satisfied with EHR systems now?

High quality training was singled out as the most important factor to achieving success in EMR adoption and overall satisfaction with physicians.  This all cycles back into a well-managed EHR implementation and the use of a highly trained/certified Training staff.  The surveyed physicians who chose a high satisfaction rating noted that it went back to the level and concentration of training in their initial EHR roll out plan.

What about Cerner EHR users vs. Epic Systems EHR users? KLAS researched more into both competitive EHR vendors and found that with Cerner EHR, they needed “less specialty-specific functionality” compared to Epic users. Other specialties, like ophthalmology and dermatology, reported that they were NOT impacted by functionality with Epic or Cerner.

If your organization is coming up to an Epic or Cerner go-live situation and is looking for certified and experienced Training Experts, along with At-The-Elbow Support Teams, look no further.  Global Healthcare IT, Inc. specializes in providing the best quality roll-out Consultants.  Often, some of the best people are available across the country at relatively short notice. To find out more contact Nash Castle on or call him at 562-249-8023.

To read more on how other specialties are affected, please click here.

This article was created by Stephanie Sok, Business Researcher, Global Healthcare IT, Inc. with assistance from the following base line articles:



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