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VA Rolls Out New Training Program for Cerner Implementation

The Department of Veteran Affairs has a 10-year, $16 billion dollar, EHR initiative with Cerner. To avoid the same mistake from last year, the VA will be launching a training program to train their personnel on the EHR.

The VA’s new training program is called VITAL and it stands for VA Innovative Technology Advancement Lab.  The program is designed to address real-world VA healthcare challenges and its goal is to provide advanced training to selected end-users who will support continuous performance improvement.  76 trainees have already been selected for the initial advanced training.  As the 10-year plan progresses, more participants will be added.

According to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie, “The VA established VITAL to specially train staff who can identify possible challenges and work across the entire VA organization to make improvements” and “VITAL is an important component in our larger training strategy, which will help ensure efficient and timely user adoption of the modernized EHR system.”

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