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Competition is everywhere. How do you choose which firm to work with?

As you know Epic is a very competitive profession from the Hospitals to the candidates being presented. Choosing the right firm to represent you is important. I have been in the staffing industry for over 20 years and have heard some real horror stories from candidates.

How many times have these things happened to you?

  • You were submitted by a firm and they never call you again.
  • You were submitted by a firm without your knowledge.
  • You don’t know if you were submitted, but you spoke to someone and they showed interest, but you never received a confirmation.
  • You feel like you are just number.
  • The recruiter didn’t take an interest in me; just wanted my resume.
  • Recruiter/Staffing firms reaches out and it’s like they never read my resume before reaching out.
  • The list goes on and on.

Something I pride myself in is being 100% transparent and honest with candidates. I have heard it time and time again, that the honesty is very much appreciated.

So what should you look for in working with a staffing firm/recruiter (let’s start from the beginning):

  • A firm/Recruiter calls and has read your resume and has a specific Opportunity in mind.
  • A firm/recruiter that can assess your resume and help you to maximize it’s potential.
  • A firm/recruiter who sends you a confirmation, so you can keep a log of where you were submitted.
  • A firm/recruiter that keeps you in the loop after they submit you (even if they haven’t heard back)
  • A firm/recruiter that is honest and treats you like you are a part of their inter-circle, not just a number.
  • A firm/recruiter that takes the time and interest in what you are truly looking for, what is in your best interest and what will make you happy to refer others to them.

If you are a Certified Epic Consultant looking:

  • For a new opportunity.
  • A firm/recruiter that cares about your best interest.
  • For someone to give you a Resume Assessment.

For additional insights and information, you can contact the creator of this post, Charlynn Jarrett at